About Us

Thank you for visiting DachshundCentral.com, I know you have plenty of choices when it comes to selecting a breeder who will help you find that perfect little one to welcome into your family. Therefore, I'm especially honored that you are considering DachshundCentral.com.

For more than 45 years, dare I say since I was a young pup, I've been a certified breeder of AKC and CKC Miniature Dachshunds. I'm a strong supporter of the German Teckel Club and the North American Teckel Club as well as Dachshund Rescue Services. Once you get to know me, you'll recognize that the health and well-being of my little ones are of the utmost importance. Therefore to ensure the strongest pedigree bloodline all of my adult Dachshunds meet and exceed kennel club registration standards.

Because they are a part of my family, please allow me to indulge a bit as I tell you about my Dachshunds.

All Standard Dachshunds weigh between 16 and 32 pounds; while even as full grown dogs the Miniature Dachshund tops the scale at just under 11 pounds. Although I've heard mention of them in the past there is no designation for a ''Toy Dachshund.'' Sorry my friends, but that is purely a marketing term made up to draw attention to the smaller dogs. Here at DachshundCentral.com we specialize in smooth coat , long haired, brindle and piebald registered miniature dachshunds.

Each sire (father) and dam (mother) is carefully selected to ensure their offspring are healthy and ready to bring a lifetime of love and happiness to families like yours. But before these little ones are off to your home, I keep them in mind until they're about nine weeks old. Just like any youngster they need to learn their do's and don'ts. For example, we don't chew power cords or expensive shoes, but we do provide plenty of loving licks and joyful play.

Before he or she goes home your puppy will have received their first immunization shots, dewormer and an individual registration number assigned with their puppy registration CKC form. And because your puppy deserves a great start, I'll encourage you to visit our Health Page for what I believe are the best vitamins on the market, offered by NuVet Plus Labs. Because they're the best, these vitamins are not sold in stores.

Now that you've learned about me and my pride in joy, lets talk business.

You will be asked to sign a puppy contract (available on the Contact Us page) and provide a $200.00 deposit. The deposit will be applied to your total puppy balance of $950.00 and will guarantee your place in our waiting list queue. When a new litter arrives I will give you weekly updates (via text or email) of how your little one is doing. You will pay the balance, via money order, cashier's check or cash (no personal checks, please) will be due on adoption day.

At that time you will be greeted with more tag wags and loving licks than you'll know how to handle. Oh, and did I mention you'll also go home with a custom DachshundCentral.com T-shirt? Well, you will!

As an added bonus to provide peace of mind in knowing that your little one will never get lost, I'm happy to provide (free of charge) our AKC Indigo Microchip service.

I can't thank you enough for visiting DachshundCentral.com and hope you will decide to become a proud new parent. These wonderful little boys and girls are my passion, my joy and I know they will quickly become yours as well.

Thank you, Tim

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